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It’s really nice walking into the garage now – even just feeling its presence when inside the house. It’s not just the visual – there’s an emotional, psychological and spiritual component to it as well.

Micah, Wayne, PA

Suzanne worked with me in an efficient, comprehensive and friendly manner.

I was surprised how much easier it is for someone else to help when deciding what to keep, what goes, and to determine all the categories of stuff I have to organize or let go of in a sustainable manner; it’s really hard for me to do that alone otherwise.  Because Suzanne got me started, I was able to carry out some of the same types of tasks on my own. 

For the next portion, I want Suzanne with me to mastermind the most effective approach.

Colleen, East Falls, Philadelphia PA

Suzanne is a problem solver with organizational magic. She helped me focus on small projects so I felt calmer and less anxious.  Breaking down the larger projects into small tasks, I was able to get control over stuff that had overwhelmed me for years. Suzanne bridges the gap from the impossible to the possible.

Deborah, East Falls, Philadelphia PA 

I hired Suzanne to help me with the daunting task of cleaning out my mother’s house full of 50+ years of things. I honestly couldn’t have done it without her. She was so organized and professional! I truly appreciated her keeping me focused and helping me get the job done.

Susan, Elkins Park PA

Clearspace did a wonderful job helping me to declutter and rearrange my office space that had become a repository for unopened mail, boxes, and other ephemera.  Suzanne is a delight to work with – she is focused, efficient, organized, creative, and has a wonderful sense of design and placement.  It’s amazing how much better it feels to work in an office where everything is in its place. 

Bob, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia PA
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